BKJN vs. Partyraiser | Our Resurrection

Saturday 22-01-2022 | from 13:00 till 23:00
Silverdome Stadium Zoetermeer
Regular = Available



Ticket sales starts Saturday 13th of March at 13:00 CET by Deposit Reservation.
You only have to pay a deposit of € 10,- (+ €2,50 service fee) for a Regular or VIP ticket.
VIP Tickets are sold out.

After this, there are 2 scenarios:

  • We expect BKJN vs. Partyraiser can take place, and send you a confirmation by email this fall.
    You will pay the remaining amount of your ticket (Regular € 40,- / VIP € 50,- + €2,50 service fee) and together with you we will party harder than the ever!
  • There is always a very small chance BKJN vs. Partyraiser can't take place. In this case you will receive your deposit of € 10,- (ex. service fee) back onto your account (on request) or you can choose to keep your reservation deposit for the next date.In both cases one thing is clear! We will party again!

For any questions about the deposit tickets click here.

💎 To pay with your Spark of Hope click: here
You do not need to make a deposit in the regular ticketshop, if you are going to exchange your Spark of Hope for this event.

Warning BKJN vs. Partyraiser is always sold out in presale.

Min age: 18


Partyraiser and many more t.b.a.