🦠 Safety measures & testing

Update 19-7: There is no need to test yourself before crossing the border to Germany if you stay there less than 24 hours. This means if you're visiting the party from another country, you only need to get tested (for free!) on site at the Eventcenter ZAK. Read down below for more info.

There is also an active corona policy in Germany, which is slightly different than here in the Netherlands. Please read the information below carefully to prepare yourself well for the trip.

Testing at the location

Anyone who wants to enter the location is tested in a special test street, located just before the venue in the parking lot. For this, you'll make an appointment online in advance (the link will be sent to all ticket holders next week). You may only enter the test street at the agreed time slot, and wearing a mouth cap is mandatory. You then wait in your car in the parking lot for the result, which takes about 10-15 minutes. Is the test result negative? Then you can enter and have a 100% party guarantee! There are no more restrictions inside, so no mouth caps and no 1,5 meters distance

➡️  No appointment = no test, no test = no entrance.


- Tests from the Netherlands are not valid, every visitor must undergo a test to enter and there are no exceptions. Fully vaccinated people must therefore also be tested before entry (this also applies to all staff, artists, etc.). This means that in total, you'll have to do two tests if you're from the Netherlands (one here to enter the border in Germany, and one in Germany right before the event.

- We try to keep you informed as best as possible if (travel) rules change, but always keep an eye on the news yourself.

- Stay home in case of (flu) symptoms.

- Access is from 18 years, and identification is required.

✅ Ticket info for Hardcore at Sea ticket holders

In the event of any cancellation (you really never know in these weird times), you will of course get a full refund (ex fee). We also understand that if we change the date & location, you may not be able to attend the event anymore. That's why you can request a refund for your order until Friday, July 16, 17:00 CET. Our ticket partner Paylogic will then process your refund as soon as possible.