How does the deposit work

You pay € 10,- (+ € 2.50 service costs) as a deposit to secure your ticket. You can choose from regular or VIP tickets and the number of tickets. After purchase you will receive an “E-ticket” with a coupon code. With this coupon code you can buy your last ticket later. When we know the event will take place, we'll send you an email with instructions to complete the remaining payment. We expect to send you a confirmation email this fall. After you have received this email, you will have enough time to pay the remaining amount. The remaining amount for the Regular ticket is € 40,- (+ € 2.50 service costs) and for VIP € 50,- (+ € 2.50 service costs).

How many tickets can I pre-order at once

In our shop you can choose products from one till four Regular or VIP Tickets. It is possible to combine different products in our shop.

When must the remaining balance be paid

We expect to send a confirmation email this fall with all info and payment instructions. After you have received this email, you will have enough time to pay the remaining amount.

How can I use my Spark of Hope

Of course you can exchange your Spark of Hope for this event. Go to our website and check the instructions for redeeming your Spark of Hope. Do this as soon as possible before the event is sold out. You do not need to make a deposit in the regular ticketshop, if you are going to exchange your Spark of Hope for this event.

What if the event is rescheduled

If the event cannot take place on the scheduled date, all ticket buyers will have the option to request a refund of their deposit (ex fee). When the refund is requested within the specified period, you will receive the deposit back to your bank account as soon as possible. This is done through our regular ticket partner Paylogic. You can of course also choose to save the deposit for the next date.

What if I don't make the remaining payment

If you have a Deposit Ticket but you do not pay the remaining amount for your ticket (s) (on time), your right to a ticket and a refund of the down payment will lapse. We will of course give you sufficient time to pay the remaining amount after you have received our confirmation email.

Ticket resale

BKJN events tickets (deposit & normal)are available exclusively through our own website. You are not allowed to buy or sell your ticket via TicketSwap, Marktplaats, Viagogo, Tickettack, Tickets4U, etc.  In the past we have experienced a lot of problems with people and companies who have earned a lot of money by reselling tickets and disappointed visitors that couldn't enter our event(s) because they bought false tickets via their platforms. So always buy your ticket via our official BKJN website and ticketshop from Paylogic.